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HealthyPlaces 4 People

We provide equipment to enhance the health of people in your buildings

from proven innovative Canadian companies

Learn how our HealthTech & MedTech partners can provide your organization with innovative proven Canadian Health + Safety solutions that gives people the confidence to come back to your premises, sooner than later to work and/or play.

Ways to keep people healthier

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Sanitize Personal Effects

Indoor Air Quality


things clean

People Healthy & Safe

Create a sustainable healthy environment inside your building providing:

  • Clean surfaces

  • High quality air

  • Things for people to keep themselves healthy

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These are the reasons why you will want to create safe and healthy indoor environments.

By mitigating bacteria & virus transmission and providing high IAQ (indoor Air Quality).

The benefits of these innovative products:

  • Wellness - Healthier occupants

  • Reduced sickness & transmission risk

  • Occupants returning sooner

  • Confidence in your hygiene efforts

  • Better learning environment at schools

  • Increased productivity at work

  • Occupancy based - cleaning & heating/cooling

  • Rental spaces being valued more by employees & employers

  • Cost reduction and sustainability

  • Energy optimization to attain ESG goals

Contact Connect4 Healthy Places to learn more about any of the products/solutions on this site.

Explore how products work for your type of buildings

Making them healthier, cleaner & safer

City Hall, Community Centres

Commercial Buildings

Offices & Factories & Warehouses

Condominiums & Apartments

Colleges, Universities, Grade schools, Nurseries

Hospitals, Long-term care, Clinics, Retirement Homes

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Who should learn about these products?

Leaders & Managers that are responsible for Places & Spaces:

  • Politicians (all levels) why?

  • Economic development & innovation centres why?

  • Business owners why?

  • Managers of People, Administrators why?

  • Building Managers (public and private) why?

  • Procurement/buyers why?

  • Property and Facilities management companies why?

  • Places of worship why?

  • Products and service providers to buildings (HVAC, Plumbers, Security, cleaning, etc.)

  • Employees why?

Our Innovative Technology Partners

Canadian Innovation in Action

Connect4 Healthy Places has worked to create a shortlist of best-in-class Canadian partners that provide tested and proven technologically advanced products that will help industry leading companies and public organizations achieve cleaner and safer spaces for employees and visitors.


Connect4 Healthy Places listens to our customers, while working with our partners to help them to continually advance their  products. Please contact us to discuss your challenges and problems, so that our team and partners can help solve them.

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