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ALVI Filters

Smart Air Purifiers (an easy retrofit)

Replace your commercial filters with the ALVI smart filters to support back-to-work & school directives with a plug-n-play filter solution that provides buildings with an antiviral response that meets Fitwel Certification requirements.


Learn why thousands of schools have installed the IoT enabled ALVI polarized media filters system.

ALVI Air filters capture and kill airborne viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, VOCs & mold and performs better than the higher MERV rated or HEPA filters.

ALVI has a 3-Year payback period and is able to provide HEPA-Class air quality while lowering overall building energy consumption.

Even without considering the superior air quality, a switch to ALVI filters has been shown to save $5,067 in energy costs and $43,600 in filter costs for a total ANNUAL SAVINGS of $48,667.


Talk to one of our advisor to understand how it can work, based on your buildings' filtration capacity and others issues.


Commercial HVAC Filters

ALVI Air 2" Commercial Unit

14 x 14 x 2 Commercial Unit protects  from harmful Microparticulates like viruses, bacteria, dust, and mold. Provides HEPA-class air quality and lowers your energy consumption.

ALVI Air 2" Filter Pads use low density media reducing strain on your HVAC system compared to standard filters and high efficiency systems so your building will heat up and cool down faster while extending the life of your air handling system. Other sizes available.


performance was tested @ 300fpm @ 0.007 microns


ALVI Outperforms

Traditional filters in every category

The ALVI Air & ALVI SMART outperform Traditional Filters in every category. ALVI provides cleaner air, lasts longer, lowers home energy consumption and provides data on indoor air quality events.

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