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CleanSlateUV Products

Eliminate chemical wipes, reduce waste,
and saves money

  • Save 50% on he Cost of Chemical wipes (less waste)

  • Kills 99.9998% of Germs

  • Enables Proper Hand Hygiene

  • Increases Hand Hygiene Rates

  • Raises Staff Compliance

  • + 2000 installations (300 hospitals)

  • Prevented 730 tonnes of landfill

  • Manufactured in Canada

  • A Canadian scale up success!

CleanSlate UV

Intelligent UV Sanitization for Staff & Visitor Mobile Devices

As the leader in device hygiene, our team has the knowledge and technology to help organizations implement a sensitization process for all high-touch items across a facility.

They empower facilities to eliminate chemical wipes, reduce waste, and save money while killing germs on high-touch devices.

CleanSlate UV Sanitizer for Cell Phones, Tablets & Portable Items

We use the power of UV-C light to kill dangerous and viruses without damaging devices.

With a focus on rigorously tested and simple products, CleanSlate UV is trusted by world-class facilities, from hospitals to five-start hotels.

Who are they working with

As a Canadian company they have sanitized 110 million plus devices across these industries:

• Hospitals & Healthcare
• Biotech & Pharma
• Airports & Train Terminals
• Conference Centres

• Food Processing
• Logistic Centres
• First Responders
• Hotels & Spas

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