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Improve Indoor Air Quality - IAQ

Indoor Air Quality is important

IAQ - Indoor Air Quality 


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IAQ Product Options

Indoor Air Quality Products

Active Pure

Air Filtration machines

This game changing proven product that came out of NASA, not only eliminates the  SARS-CoV-2, but also is able to safely and effectively deactivate infectious air and surface viruses and other harmful pathogens. 

ActivePure can reduce as much as 99.9999% of surface and airborne contaminants with a 99.99% reduction in as little as 20 minutes. HEPA filters alone cannot come close to this (see why). 

ALVI Air Filters

Fitwel Certified HVAC air filters

These smart filters provide commercial and residential buildings with an antiviral response and reduce transmission of infectious disease. 

The ALVI Air filter system captures and kill airborne viruses (COVID-19), bacteria, VOCs & mold and performs better than the higher MERV rated or HEPA filters.

The IOT enabled platform allows users to monitor and manage their air filters in real time. There is supporting data showing that ALVI filters are saving thousands in energy costs and 8x this in filter costs for significant annual savings. 

IoT for IAQ

Sensors/Devices that:

Verify and notify of the performance of your Ventilation and Filtration by  monitoring air quality across your building footprint: and reporting it using the appropriate building automation communication  for your facility.

  • Several air particles sizes

  • VOCs

  • Humidity

  • Temperature

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Occupancy & count

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