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Learn below about 3 categories of products, to encourage people to return to work sooner and more safely. Our goal is to help you learn and know about these Canadian products.

These are all plug & play products with easy installation and operation instructions, supporting smart buildings, smart cleaning and smart organizations.

Improve IAQ - Indoor Air Quality

Pure & Clean Image.png

Healthy Indoor Air - Actively cleaning indoor air

Proactively purifying indoor air is important to deactivate infectious air to reduce the risk of future pandemics. This is not about just diluting the bad air with clean air.

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment & Solutions

Male Model with masks 6.jpg

Individuals Control the Air they breath

Highly protective masks that actively captures and kills airborne pathogens and prevents them from being inhaled by the user. Some washable/ reusable/ disposable

Sanitize Surfaces, Things and Rooms


Proactively cleaning things entering & surfaces in a space

Simple, fast, and effective solution for killing germs on surfaces, with no waste products created and no chemicals.

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