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Sanitize Surfaces & Things

Why is it important to Sanitize things

All of these products have be selected for there innovative ability to safely and sustainably clean and disinfect 'things' in a space (indoors) on surfaces, so that viruses and germs are not spread (transmitted) by touching surfaces in a place/ space.

At Connect4 Healthy Places, we believe that the right understanding and innovative technological edge can lead organizations towards a successful future. We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to set up a call/meeting with one of our advisors or request a demo with our partners.

Products to Sanitize

Surfaces, Things and Rooms

Below are 3 great product lines from our Canadian Partners, that can help you provide healthy and clean places/rooms throughout your buildings.  We look forward to discussing specifically how these products can work for your indoor environments to encourage people to return to your premise, as they did pre-pandemic.

CleanSlate UV

Sanitize electronic devices when entering

They empower facilities to eliminate chemical wipes, reduce waste, and save money while killing germs on high-touch devices.

Simple, fast & proven solution that improves facility Hygiene with a 20 second scan of your smartphone. "The 3rd hand we never wash"


Sanitize surfaces & purify the air at the same time

ActivePure® is classified as an “ACTIVE” technology that continually blasts out sub-microscopic particles that attack viruses, bacteria and dangerous pathogens and deactivate them in real-time in the air and on surfaces.


Changing the way the world cleans surfaces

SAO Dispenser turns regular water and oxygen into a powerful cleaner, then turns it back again when you’re through. You’ll reduce chemicals of concern by 70% and enjoy 25% average ROI cost savings

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