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Anti-microbial Technology
4ply Level 3 Disposable Mask

Our unique 4ply construction is safe, breathable, and hypoallergenic, made of non-woven material which is soft and comfortable to wear. The anti-microbial layer is the 2nd layer from the front, blocking harmful viruses, bacteria, pathogens and infectious diseases including COVID-19. The soft elastic ear-loops and adjustable nose clip help provide a proper fit for everyone. The filtration protects against virus transmission, droplet transmission, PM2.5/ harmful particles, air pollution, dust and other particles.

Used extensively by Simcoe County.

Manufactured in Canada in Collingwood & Edmonton

Health Canada Authorization Reference Number : 329587
Issue date:  2021-09-21

Why consider these masks? Please compare...

CAREGuard+ v. N95.jpg

PRO+ Respirator Mask

Professional Version (not pretty but works)

Designed to be used across various sectors with demanding working conditions including healthcare, dental, mining, construction, and military, the PRO+™ Respirator Mask recommended duration is 35 Cleaning Cycles of usage at a fraction of the cost of current options, and to provide a comfortable, breathable and flexible moulded seal for complete protection.

Made of a flexible thermoplastic elastomer and used with patented certified filters, the PRO+™ protects against particulates, bacteria and viruses. It is designed to filter both inhaled and exhaled air, providing further protection against the spread of contaminated particles. Unobstructed breathing is made easy with the dual respirator system.

  • The respirator body is fully washable and 99.9% recyclable, with only the patented certified filters that need to be disposed of responsibly.


  • The reusable respirator body can be easily washed with soap and water.


The PRO+™ (Patent Pending) is a tested and approved medical device designed to keep its user safe.

Health Canada

Authorization Reference Number : 324815
Issue date:  2021-07-23

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